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Hi everyone! I've been snooping around these boards for the last few weeks and have learned a ton, although I know Ii still have so much to learn. I'm so grateful I found this site and the whole curly girl method in general! I've always loved my curls/waves, but have struggled over the years. Different hair styles I've had and parts of my life I've had more or less curls. But, I'd much rather have them all the time!

Recently I'd noticed that my hair was dry, dry, dry with less curl/wave than ever before and more frizz than ever before. (I'm also currently pregnant with our 5th baby- not sure if the hormonal ups and downs has anything to do with my current hair problems!) My mom goes to an Aveda salon and mentioned my problems to her stylist (who she's seen for years) and she mentioned the Aveda BeCurly co-wash. Even though it's super pricey my mom picked it up for me since I've been at such a loss as to what to do with my hair. And that is what has led me to discover all this new information on curly girl! I've collected a few other drugstore products and am currently trying to figure out exactly what my hair types are and what is going to work. But I have offically gotten rid of anything with sulfates or silicones, stowed my brush far away and placed my wide tooth comb by the shower :) I'm just a few weeks in and I can tell a significant different already. Hoping for further improvement as time goes on. Anyways I am looking forward to "seeing" you all around and learning more about all this!
new curly girl as of September 2015

I think I am a mixture of 2ab, low or normal porosity (still figuring it out), medium density, and medium width. My hair is currently almost shoulder length with lots of layers and the stylist went crazy with texturizing!

Currently trying out...
Co wash: Suave Naturals, VO5, Aveda Be Curly Co wash
Wash: SM Fruit Fusion
Stylers: Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Mousse, LA Looks mega mega hold, and some Jessicurl samples


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    Hello all, I am Ashley and I am new here. I am here to get information regarding issues which i face and to help the community here in which I have experience to become successful member of this platform. Welcome me and lets build a long term relationship.

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