Newbie needs input on curl type...

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Hey, y'all. Been lurking on here for a bit and decided to take the plunge and sign on. Been doing the Curly Girl thing for a couple of months now and am loving my curly hair. Still trying to figure out what to use and how to use it, and of course started with Deva products. In the last week or two I've been on the Shea Moisture Fruit Fusion. I still feel like I don't know what I'm doing. Hair, I've learned, is like an animal. You have to figure out how to treat it and what to feed it in order for it to be happy and healthy. On top of this, I've decided to stop coloring and go gray. I saw there's another board for that, and I'll be checking it out. Keep meaning to send hair samples in to Goosefootprints but haven't gotten around to it. I'd like some input on my curl type, so here is a pic... (I hope.)


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