To BC or Not To BC

MixedMofoMixedMofo Registered Users Posts: 3
Hey NC Community!!
( This is my first time using CurlTalk and I'm a lil bit nervous :confused1: ) I have been transitioning for 7 months, (it would have been more had I not relapsed into relaxing at one point) and my hair has been getting ridiculously hard to take care of. The combination of school work, church activities, and sports have made it extremely hard for me to properly take care of my hair like I know I should. This is making me want to BC, but I don't know if I could handle it. I'm a pretty self conscious person, not to mention the fact that I've never had very short hair before. Idk if I could pull it off :-( ... Any advice? Do you think I should go for it??
THANKS IN ADVANCE!!! :toothy7:


  • LoveliamLoveliam Registered Users Posts: 318 Curl Connoisseur
    Leigh :)
    3a mixed with 2C???
    Fine Texture
    Normal to low Porosity
    Low Elasticity

    Mop Top Low Poo or Deva low poo
    Deva One Condition
    Deva B'leave-in for higher dews (Deva Foam for low dews).
    Deva Firm Hold Gel
    HG: Sweet Curls Crazy Curly Hard Hold Elixir after applying Deva and for 2nd/third day.
  • AfromuffinAfromuffin Registered Users Posts: 158
    aw you're adorable.
    anyway, you have to be ready to cut it off not just physically, but mentally.
    Decolonizing your mind is important in order to really appreciate your hair. It's important to have a positive mentality with natural hair, since society and some people may frown on it. Accept it in whatever texture it comes in.

    Now when I BC, I went to the salon to get my relaxed ends cut off and my hair shaped in a tapered fro. It made me more confident when I cut my hair short since it was the shortest I've ever been.

    It's freeing to have short hair, and sometimes I miss my hair when it was shorter lool, but you have to know you comfort level. I didn't care about the length because as a young black girl I felt like knowing how to care for my hair and loving it shouldn't be something I'm ashamed of. I was robbed of that opportunity like so many other black females because of ignorance and now understand the importance of healthy hair and using good ingredients.

    For products, I prefer all natural ones. They do sell organic products in the store, but there's ways to use natural things without spending a lot of money on store brought products if you like d.i.y like me.
  • MixedMofoMixedMofo Registered Users Posts: 3
    Thank you Afromuffin!!!
    I think I might just wait a bit untill my natural hair is long enough to tie, I dont think I'm mentally ready to let go of my length

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