And more help needed with stuff!

So....I've seen everyone here using a lot of different popular thing I've seen in [buylink=]re:coil[/buylink], but I am having a heck of a time finding it locally...even on AG's website to locate...I think there is ONE place on the way opposite end of that carries the line (not necessarily the product!).

And as far as DevaCare goes...It is online for me or nothing (nothing around here...I've got to go at LEAST an hour to get it).

Anyway...I was looking through the CurlMart here and I am TOTALLY overwhelmed by everything.

How do I know WHAT to get/try?????


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    I guess it depends on what you are going for.

    Do you have any specific issues you are working on? More conditioning? More clumping?

    You look like a 3a/3b, so you can check out others with those types who have similar looking hair to see what they use. I stalked quite a few people here when I first signed up to get a gauge on what products I might need. You can also look at prducts based on who has fine hair or who has thick hair.

    Also, you can ask questions about products. Say, if you are looking for a certain conditioner to get a certain kind of result, you can see what options we use and go from there.

    I have had some trial and error, and so have others. You may too. I didn't know, in the beginning, that I'd have protein sensitivity issues. I had to learn the hard way. Thank goodness for the swap board where i could sell or swap products that didn't work out for me. Others have their own quirks, and you'll find yours as you go through the whole process - but we're here to help since many us have been there or are still there!
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