Please help me create this look! Pineapple Up-Do

shalinejshalinej Registered Users Posts: 4
Hey guys! So I'm sure most people here have heard about pineappling and whatnot. And I absolutely love when people wear their pineapple updos out and look amazing.

Such as these styles.
Sorry I screenshotted these from instagram/twitter a while ago and don't remember who these girls are or where I found them.

However I have long hair and my Curls aren't as tight as theirs so it makes it harder to achieve this look.

I have 3 a/b hair (I think) and it goes down to my chest.
Here's some pics if you can tell in th e pics (it's a lot more crazier and bigger in person)

Please help me or how do you guys get this look??? Is it even possible?! Thanks loves!!

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  • Ladybug09Ladybug09 Registered Users Posts: 18
    To make your curls tighter, you can finger coil them.
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