Why won't styles last on my hair??!!!

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Hey, curl friends! This is my first post on here, so I'm not exactly sure what information I need to give in order for my problem to be diagnosed, but I will try my best to be as descriptive as possible. I've been natural for almost three years. I know my hair is pretty healthy because I deep condition, do protein treatments, do the LOC method, and I use all kinds of products. I have Type 3 fine, very soft hair. My problem is that no matter what hairstyle I do, it never lasts past a day. I can do a wash n go, flexi rods, perm rods, a roller set, or bantu knots and they'll be pretty the first day, but the next day I'll have smushed curls, fuzzy roots, it's dry, and I can't comb thru my hair. If I try to revive my curls with steam from the shower, then my roots will puff up even more. I can't pineapple my hair, because my hair will be smushed that way. If I sleep on one side of my hair, it'll be smushed. I have a satin bonnet. And I don't mean frizz, I mean, the next day it barely looks like I did any kind of set syle to my hair the day before. The point is that I think I pretty much do what I'm supposed to do with my hair, but it just doesn't hold styles long AT ALL. I use a setting lotion when I do my wet sets. I don't understand why I can't achieve anything past one day hair. I got my first highlights back in March 2014. As those highlights were growing out, I bleached my hair on my own because I was bored in October 2014 and that caused my hair to be extremely dry and more damaged (Right before I bleached my hair on my own, I cut off a lot of bone straight damaged pieces from my first dye job). In January 2015, I had some of the damage cut off and dyed my hair back to black. Ever since then, my hair hasn't been flat ironed. I've blow dried my hair once and the only other heat source that I use frequently is an overhead dryer to dry my set styles. I did a semi permanent purple/pink color (Adore) on my hair almost two months ago, but that is now washed out. There's only a small tint of that on my hair. And I've had at least two trims since January, maybe three. I don't know...my hair just may be too soft for styles. It's just really frustrating because I literally have to re-do my hair everyday and that's a lot of time and products. Btw, when I had blonde highlights back in 2014 and I did flexi rod sets daily/weekly throughout the summer, my hair lasted two or three days at the most. I think the blonde made my hair less soft, if that makes sense. Maybe I need to do protein treatments more often than the recommended 'every 4 to 6 weeks' to make my hair more "hard" in a sense. If y'all need pictures of the way my hair looks to get a better idea, I have more than plenty of those lol. I hope I can get some answers. :(


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    I'm kinda in the same boat except my hair won't last all thru day one. I'm trying weekly protein treatments, followed immediately with a moisture treatment. I'm thinking of adding some Neutral protein filler to my refresher. Protein-moisture is a fine line that I haven't achieved yet. I'll be watching this thread too!
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    Your hair is likely in need of moisture and protein. It also sounds like your hair is damaged from all the processing. You also need to use the right products for your hair type or they can weigh it down or not provide enough moisture. Finally, if you live in a humid location, that would keep your hair from holding a style until Fall or Winter is in full effect.

    For damage, use a quality deep treatment like Sally's GVP conditioning balm and/or Giovanni conditioners or if you use silicones (Neutrogena Triple Moisture mask sp?). Biolage conditioning balm works well for me and I get it at Ulta when on sale. A helpful technique is WCC method (wash, condition, condition with a deep treatment). For protein, use anything with hydrolyzed keratin in it like Mill Creek botanical conditioners, camille rose coconut water treatment, chi keratin mist (Curl Girl friendly). If you can't find that, look for ingredients that say hydrolyzed---- because that means they will penetrate your hair, then look for regular proteins to coat and protect the damaged sections.

    For stylers + leave-ins try using one layer of product since multiple layers can make fine or flyaway hair worse. So you would deep condition with protein and moisture, then style with just a styler like a gel or moisturizing cream, no leave-ins or other products. If you find your hair needs more moisture, try incorporating a light leave-in underneath your styler. Alternately, you could try styling with a deep conditioner that has defining properties like aloe vera etc. in place of a leave-in or gel then seal with an oil based product. Deep conditioners that work as stylers for me are the elucence, biolage balm or curl junkie curl rehab. If your hair is still not holding styles, then add a styler on top. Stylers that help my hair hold shape are camille rose coconut water style setter (Target or online), eco styler argan oil gel (Sally's, Target) and adding jojoba oil to leave-ins or deep conditioners. Good luck!
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