Clarifying Hair Dilemma/Advice Needed. Sulfates Etc. Allergy.

Hi, buddies

i was wondering, how would you reccomend to clarify any occasional buildup if very allergic to sulfates, ? and also so low porosity hair that teaspoon of dissolved baking soda or such doesnt work?

Would pure vitamin c powder maybe?

Guar hyddroxilim chloride in some CJ products has also made my hair crunchy in past. I think cause polyquat?


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    You could try CJ Daily Fix cleanser. Its has coco betaine which will remove any buildup and EDTA which will deal with hard water deposits. Its very gentle and moisturising and has no sulphates.
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    Cocamidopropyl betaine is just as sufficient in cleansing product buildup as sulfates are. If you need to remove mineral buildup, you can find a shampoo that contains both cocamidopropyl betaine and citric acid (Yes to Cucumbers is my favorite for this, worked great for me in extremely hard water), or Sally's ION Crystal Clarifying treatment is totally amazing.
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