Which products do you use to protect you hair?

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I'd like to know what your favourite products are to protect your dyed, curly hair.

I'm going on a 5 week vacation in SE Asia, and my dyed red curls do not handle sun well. The colour will fade super fast as it is. In addition, there will be plenty of diving and swimming in the ocean, which can ruin your hair pretty fast.

This isn't just relevant to dyed hair, so I want to know in general: What are your best product tips to protect your curls on vacation??


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    Hey Mear, that sounds like a beautiful vacation. I can imagine red curls and the ocean. Are you using a demi permanent? Also, are you considering having some conditioner on hand with red dye in it (this works for crazier colors usually and depends on your dye etc.) because a lot of my friends find using that will extend color. Obviously, not washing it as much would be great too but that doesn't seem like an option. I don't have colored hair, but I could still give advice on protecting it from the sun/elements. I think washing your hair and going into the ocean helps because your hair is less likely to "fill up" with drying salt water since it has water already in it. You can also apply conditioner and/or oil to protect your hair from the water further. Hats would be great for protecting it from the sun as well and some gels/products even offer uv protection. I think the Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex line might be something you would enjoy as well.

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