Fall/Haloween Decor

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Do you put out fall and or Halloween decorations in or outside of your house? If so, please share details and pictures if you like.

It is pointless for me to do outside decorations where I live. I do put out a few things but by mid October the winds have picked up and most of it will blow away unless it is weighted down. To give a general idea, large wind chimes are literally ripped apart by high winds at my house so fake bats, and scarecrows are not happening. I do love to decorate for Halloween, though. I love several items shown in this

Halloween Home Decor Ideas - Pictures of Halloween Decorated Houses

The plates, the vases, raven string lights & the potion bottles. Speaking of potion bottles, I picked this up yesterday, for less than the price on eBay. A White Ceramic "Spell Potion No. 13" Owl Bottle Seasonal Fall Halloween Decor.

I would like to pick up a few more so I can decorate my island in style. I picked up 2 flickering light bulbs and need 1 more for my island pendant lights. I normally handle a string of amber lights on my side porch nook, put out a battery operated/motion activated fake rock that does a Vincent Price laugh when you walk by it and break out my strobe & black lights for a fun porch effect. Not sure what else I am doing, so far.
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    I have cases of Halloween decorations, but being month end I always work late. This year it's on a Saturday though, so may decorate & have a party. I feel bad decorating and not being home to hand out candy :(
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    I know that feeling. I miss handing out candy. I would go all out when I lived in a different location. I had an abandoned house beside me and always set up a huge glow in the dark graveyard between the houses. Spider webs everywhere. I still have some decorations from that time. It was so much fun. I have 3 kids that come for candy now and if I am working, we figure out what time would be best for them to come over.

    It's nice being able to keep it simple though. I love Halloween so I have to do a little something.
    When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??


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