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    Serene Curls is always very helpful!
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    I was looking at the 2s forum when I ran across cleverusername and just had to laugh at her clever username!

    ~Belle Bohemienne
    ~Belle Bohemienne

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    Spiderlashes, this is such a wonderful idea!
    eveum wrote: »
    Thanks Fifi and CurlyCanadian!
    I completely respect anyone who has their opinion and is completely unapologetic about it. Love seeing that. :)

    I have too many nice things to say about the people here, just the general support that I get in the Say It thread; Claudine, Starmie, Curlypearl, PerriP, Rouquinne thank you so much for all the advice (sorry if I missed anyone out). :)

    One NC member who I really admire is Rimi, she is lovely and seems a very determined young woman in regards to her education and career, and as someone of a similar age I can really admire that.

    And thank you to SpiderLashes for making this thread. What a great idea!

    Eveum, thank you so much for those kind words. My heart leapt as soon as I read them!

    There are soooo many boardies I adore. Here are just three that immediately come to mind:

    Eveum is so strong in her convictions and in her commitment to doing what she feels is best, and I think that is truly commendable. It is definitely a relief to have her as a peer, considering we are close in age and seem to be working toward similar goals professionally. I love hearing her feedback, and I also love reading about her plans and how she's doing. Plus, she is undeniably gorgeous!

    *sigh* Ninja is so great. She has such a lovely way with words that results in wonderful stories that I always look forward to reading. Her tenacious advocacy for animals and wonderful sense of humor doesn't go unnoticed, and I'm always so appreciative of her support and sound advice.

    I am also constantly in awe of Jeepy and her productiveness and I am seriously envious! I love reading about how she spends her days, and she is such a positive person overall.

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    Curly Canadian seems like she wld be a great friend.

    she is! i've texted her when i'm sitting alone in a restaurant in downtown Toronto and feeling lonely and she's been there for me.

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    Lol I forgot about that!
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    I really admire that Frau chick! Very funny and so nice to talk to.
  • eveumeveum Registered Users Posts: 744 Curl Neophyte
    You're very welcome Rimi :) What a lovely response, it made my day. Thank you :D

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    This has got to be the best thread ever!

    There's so many people to name, I don't even know where to start! For one, lots of thanks to DrRach. So much knowledge bottled up in one person, she's helped a ton with some problems I've had! Curlypearl is definitely one with a heart of gold, I always see her on posts helping someone out here and there. And Expecto's hair gives me life. How someone could have hair that amazing is beyond me! :wav:
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    I could never name just one curly. So many of the curlies here have made me laugh, made me think, offered advice, and invited me to see things from another perspective.

    I think I've *known* rouquinne the longest. I've identified with a lot of the stories she's shared about her upbringing and her strength, perseverance, and hands down talent always inspire me.

    When PerriP talks about yoga it reminds me why I love yoga and encourages me to get on my mat when maybe I'm not feeling it.
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    scrills wrote: »
    Munchy is amazing in the food prep department :-)

    Aww, and you, my friend, are amazing in the style department. I'm always so jealous of the things you put together!
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    Chupie is consistently helpful to those with questions, especially about Type 2 hair.

    OMG. Thank you! I didn't read this thread until now. I love helping people.
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