1 year old with stinky head and other problems

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My 1 year old has very fine wavy hair (2b/c I think), but it is so dry and frizzy. I'm just not sure how to care for it. My main problem is that she sweats a lot from her head, so her scalp is really stinky. How do I get the stink out without using harsh shampoos? Even co-washing leaves her hair feeling dry and brittle, so I'm at a loss. Thanks!


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    You could try conditioning and then a low poo wash? To protect from drones but still get a good scalp wash in.
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    Try sulfate free shampoos, when you buy a bottle of shampoo, pour out half the contents into another bottle, add water to the rest of the shampoo so you should have a mixture that is 1/2 shampoo +1/2 water. This might be more gentle on her hair. Also focus the shampoo solely on her scalp on the rest of her hair.
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    Maybe try As I Am Coconut Co-Wash? That would be stronger than just washing with regular rinse-out conditioner, since it is formulated with cleansing ingredients, but it wouldn't be harsh. I recently tried this product and found it to be too moisturizing for me. But it seemed very gentle.
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    I started using DevaCurl products in her hair and it solved the problem. No more stink, and nice curls!

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