Do 4c/4b's with short hair experience this?

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Ok so my hair was pulled out (not much(at the nape and I can cover it with the rest of my hair but it still bothers me)) in the back. Not gonna go into details as to how it happened, but...I will say that now that I'm trying to grow it back(I've never had hair shorter than shoulder length, my hair now is midback length so I need help on growing short hair back). I noticed that My hair is VERY OILY(when short). At first I thought it wasn't so I was applying oil to the area. My hair was not growing, and when I decided to stop, within 2 months I saw about 1inch of growth (my hair grows 1/2inch each month, i've measured it).

My point is, maybe not putting anything at all on short hair and just washing(with moisturizing shampoo so no need for conditioner) it when needed? My longer hair needs more oil, but my shorter hair tends to be very oil, just at the touch, and I don't put anything on it.

Are other 4c/4bs experience this, is this what you guys do?? Just wash your hair ONLY and that's it. ANd it grows?


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    Well maybe when it's shorter the sebum can cover all the hair easier.
    :queen: Reyna

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