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I don't know how many males are on the forum here but I don't know much about hair and what I DO know I have to research and look for myself. I try to ask people I know in person about natural hair but majority of the people I know personally either relax their hair or really don't know much about natural hair care.

Right now I'm struggling to find out my hair type. I followed the guide and I believe my hair type is 4a... but then when I look at 4a pictures I seem to get a mixture different hair types that do not look exactly the same. So now I'm not sure if its 3c, 4a, or 4b... I had no idea that hair could be so difficult to understand. lol

I did my best taking pictures of my hair type. So hopefully people can tell me what it could be? I would describe my hair with tiny coils with fine but coarse hair strands. They can be softened if I condition it.

My next question is, how do I stop them from tangling at the ends? I never use a comb and rarely use a brush (only to push back my hair and band it incase I'm doing labor intensive work and need hair out of my face).

My last question is this, How can I stop my curls from shrinking after a rinse and go? And how do I keep them shiny? They tend to stay shiny at first until it completely dries and it looses a bit of its sheen. I don't use shampoo at all. I stopped using it about 4 months ago now and I have to say it was the best decision for me. I only use water to rinse my hair and deep condition once every 2 weeks. My curls have been more defined and my scalp feels really nice since I did the change. Shampoo did clean my hair but it always left it feeling weird and not pleasant to the touch. Also this has been a blessing on the wallet now since I don't have to invest in shampoo anymore. lol

Ignore my goofy look. I just need help! Ladies please share your knowledge. I'm getting a bit desperate. (Especially about the tangles on the end.)

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