How teach hair care to my 10yo daughter

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It's time for my daughter to start learning to care for her own hair. Right now we wash her hair twice/week. Once is with shampoo/conditioner and once is with co-wash. After she towel dries her hair, I put in leave-in and all of it goes into one braid.

The biggest hurdle right now is her figuring out how to get to her scalp. I'd like to find a great set of products, but haven't had any luck yet (placed 3 big orders from CurlMart over the last 6 months). What we use now works well enough and better than what I've been finding online.

My daughter has 3c hair, it's very thick, and waist length.

Shampoo: Miracle 7
Conditioner: Miracle 7
Co-wash: Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Co-wash
Leave-in: Miracle 7

I can send anyone a picture (can't post pictures yet) of her hair.

Any advice teaching her how to take care of her hair is greatly appreciated!


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    Are you at all opposed to drug store products?

    One of the things I like to do with longer hair is find a good, cheap cowash (I use V05 but Suaves are solid choices as well). You might need to use a lot of it while she's learning to do things herself.

    By putting a lot of conditioner in the hair, you can easily comb through it with a wide toothed comb, and this might be easier for her to reach in to get to her scalp for some cleansing.

    Some curlies wash only the scalp with shampoo and use conditioner along the length - at any rate she will have to weed through all the hair to get to the scalp. Combing through it and lifting away from the scalp might let her get in there easier. I know it helps me, and I have much shorter hair!

    I'm already a big advocate of braids for girls who like long hair.

    Good luck - it's times like these I'm glad to have a boy who prefers short hair LOL
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    I would agree with Spiral Ham. The suave essentials coconut is a good choice. I just switched my 2 girls (8 almost 9 year old and 4 almost 5 year old). I was wanting to try the FuzzyDuck (Mop Top's kids line) but I was in pinch. I knew the Suave Essentials coconut was on the CG list so I bought this. My 8 year old has been washing her hair and she had so much buildup and has been having an itchy dry scalp. I'm not sure if it's ok to clarify kids hair but I went ahead and used the Mop Top clarifying rescue on her hair. I was having the same issue and already had the clarify on hand. I then followed with the Suave Coconut conditioner. On my 4 year old, I just shampooed and conditioned hers. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to work into their hair, how light it was, smelled good, made their hair shiny, less tangly, and soft. Best part, was the shampoo was a whole whopping $0.95! Same thing for the conditioner. They had a family size bottle that was $1.96 but didn't know how well it would work.

    My oldest has my hair to a T. It is super thick, coarse, and long. All that spells ALOT of hair products. lol It takes some work to get to the scalp normally but the Suave coconut made it easy to work it into the scalp. I've tried many different shampoos/ conditioners on my hair & her hair and it's always a pain to get to the scalp. The Mop Top has worked well for me and makes it easy to work in. But it is on the higher side when you have to use quite a bit. The Suave worked well on her.

    Since it is super cheap, it might be a good idea to start her out with it and maybe later work her to a different brand if you want. She can use plenty of conditioner without breaking the bank. And she can freely learn how to do it on her own.

    Although my 8 year old has been washing her hair, she hasn't been getting it thoroughly clean. I don't think she has been washing it out good either. Since I was already clarifying her hair, I went ahead and conditioned it as well. I showed her how I was scrub the scalp with my fingertips and not my nails. I then made her feel her hair when I had thoroughly got enough conditioner in her hair. Then again got her to feel it after it was somewhat rinsed out, and again when I had it all rinsed out. I'm thinking about just staying with the Suave for her since it was so cheap, worked so well and was much easier to work in.
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