Hair Thinning/Breakage?!?!?! HELP

BrittromanBrittroman Posts: 1Registered Users
Hello ladies!
I am in desperate need of help! I have been natural for almost two years up until recently my hair has been growing great and looking wonderful but for the last few months it has been so bad I am almost ready to big chop again!
So it is only breaking off in the back, the rest of my hair is in pretty good condition. lots of places say it could be from sleeping with hair unprotected but almost all the time I sleep with a satin pillowcase and sometimes a scarf. I don't swim a lot or spend a lot of time outside. but I am panicking! Also until it started breaking/thinning badly I used mostly homemade products but now I just don't know what I am doing so I splurged on a bunch of carols daughters products but still... I need help.

Also I am unsure of porosity. did the water test but all hairs did differently although i would say mostly low porosity. type 4 a,b, and c ... I think?

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