Good detangling conditioners?

AfromuffinAfromuffin Posts: 158Registered Users
Preferably natural and organic ingredients btw.

Leave in or regular conditioners are welcomed.

Oooh, and none containing aloe.


  • adthomasadthomas Posts: 5,525Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Some people like knot today
    Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it. :wav:
  • CurlySiaCurlySia Posts: 164Registered Users
    I've heard really good things about Curl Junkie's Daily Fix being great for detangling, but I haven't tried it because I have products that work for me -- they all have aloe though.
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    I 100% recommend Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Conditionner. I've tried many conditioners, and that one is the best for detangling. It also leaves my hair soft and frizz free. The only reason it's not listed in my products is that my hair gets overmoisturized super quickly if I use conditioner, so I can only use protein conditioners, and even then, only to detangle before washing.

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  • ReynaCRReynaCR Posts: 405Registered Users
    I've tried and liked

    - Giovanni Smooth As Silk (great price)
    - Knot Today (everyone's convenient fave)
    - Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner (has the best slip, a little goes a long way)
    - Shea Moisture Masque (the black jar)

    I know Terressentials/bentonite/etc. wouldn't be considered a detangling conditioner, but I find that when I wash my hair with clay and honey I don't need a detangling conditioner. That Shea Moisture masque gives sort of the same feel.. for me at least.

    ^^ Sorry I totally skipped the no aloe part when I was reading. I'm not immediately sure if these have aloe, but they've worked for me and I always return to them, they're staples..
    :queen: Reyna

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  • AfromuffinAfromuffin Posts: 158Registered Users
    Aw thanks for all the suggestions!

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