Dying hair for the first time !

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I have 3A curls and have never dyed my hair before. I don't use heat on it, not even to dry it so it is in good condition. However I have decided that I want to dye it, so got a consultation at a hair salon and they helped me decide the best route I could take. The reason I want to dye it is because it is very dark and just needs something tI make the curls stand out, my curls are defines but the dark colour hides this and it just looks frizzy until you look closer! I'm not getting the roots dyed, just the middle and the bottom. Despite seeing plenty of lovely dyed naturally curly hairstyles, I'm still worried - will it ruin my hair? I know to look after it after it's been dyed, and I know that making hair lighter isn't good for the hair - but I won't be dying it all the time because I won't have to top-up my roots. If it does ruin the curls, will it grow back the same? I could deal with bad curls if I know they'll grow back haha


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    Depending on the dye, yes, it can be damaging. I'd recommend using protein treatments and deep treatments (no more than once a week) to help your hair regain moisture and prevent damage. As far as losing curl pattern, that depends on the individual. A month ago, I dyed my hair, straightened it but the curls have remained unchanged. My curls are pretty resilient though but I'd still exercise caution.
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    Are you bleaching your hair before the dye? Or is it one of those dyes already with the bleach in it?
    What I do before I bleach is coating my hair in coconut oil the night before, sleep with it and then apply the bleach on top of the coconut oil.

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