Hi! new, need help with hair type and porosity

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Hi there! I'm currently transitioning from straightening my hair every day because it's been taking so long to grow. I still bleach my hair, using olaplex, and have no noticeable damage from coloring. The ends are fried from years of straightening. I started transitioning a few months ago and have had a couple problems:

When I was straightening my hair, I only washed or even wet my hair once every two weeks, maybe more. Now that I have to re curl my hair every couple days, my hair feels a lot drier especially after washing, but even after just conditioning. But I also have a lot more product build up faster so I end up having to rinse it more often because of that. Which leads me to another problem, I can't figure out second day hair. And I'm sure the product build up isn't helping. The top and middle layers end up flattened and less defined after sleeping on them but the bottom is still really curly. So I end up with a round bob thing going on most of the time. Meh.

So here's my hair. The top layers are straight/wavy, as all my hair is for the first couple inches. So when I have reallyyy short hair or micro bangs everything stays pretty straight. I can force some more defined curls in there sometimes but it seems to mostly stay pretty floppy. It's also the most damaged at the ends so it gets fluffy. The middle layer is these awesome perfect waves. And the bottom is made of large ringlets. I would love to just be able to style in a way that stretches out the ringlets in the bottom layer and adds a bit of definition to the top. My hair is about at my shoulders but you can't tell because the bottom is SO curly!

As for porosity, when I do the float test my hair floats but I'm not sure if that's because there's product coating it? There are some rough spots when I run my fingers up a strand.

I feel so frumpy in this transition and growing stage. Help??


  • OlaplexAbOlaplexAb Registered Users Posts: 3
    Hi Alana!
    I would recommend doing stand alone treatments in salon to help with the texture issue. You will need to address the product buildup from the looks of how the texture differs from top to bottom. What products are you currently using?

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