Favorite low-maintenence routine?

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I have had stick-straight hair most of my life. I was able to wash my hair and it would dry straight. A few years back, my hair started to wave a bit, and gradually got curlier to the point I got sick of straightening it and decided to embrace it. Problem is, I have no idea how to style wavy/curly hair. I've been looking everywhere online, and I've tried a few different things (plopping, air drying, putting product in wet hair, finger combing, etc...). I haven't found the perfect routine yet. My dream routine would be to shower at night, put in minimal product, and put in minimal time in the morning, but I'm open to suggestions. My hair (I think) is straightish/2a in front, then it goes to 2b and even some ringlets in the back sometimes. I have low porosity, fine, thick hair so I don't really need extra moisture, and even leave in conditioner is too heavy. My biggest issues so far have been making my hair look uniform(ish), and not wanting to put hours into a routine. I appreciate any suggestions!


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    My low-maintance routine is shower at night so either no poo or just water rinse w/ some conditioner squeezed in then I pile it all on top of my head and turban twist it while I get ready for bed. After about 10 mins I take it down and put mousse in but just smoothing it in because I find my hair clumps better if I don't finger comb or anything once out of the shower. I'll let it air dry if I watch a little tv or read. When I'm ready for bed I pile it on top of my head again (like a messy bun) and spider clip it. I'm a restless sleeper so clipping always works best for me overnight. When I take it down in the morning I have some nice volume and decent waves. I leave it down while I have my coffee and it settles itself. If anything is wonky I can wet and twist with any straw I happen to have. I haven't really had to re-wet the whole thing since doing this. Sometimes I want a different look but this is absolutely my easiest routine.
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    I have 2b/ 2c hair. I've just been learning to take care of my wavy hair, as well and was overwhelmed by the number of products some people use on YouTube. :) I've got my routine down to three products on my 1st wash day: Shea Moisture Curl and Shine Shampoo, Conditioner then scrunch out with a T-shirt, then I put Ouidad Climate Control gel and I air dry. For second/third day curls, I just spray my hair wet, sometimes I put leave-in conditioner or just a teeny bit of gel and I'm done. Next wash day, I substitute my shampoo with As I Am Coconut Co-wash but I basically keep to three products at a time. Having wavy/curly hair is expensive enough as it is. :)
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    Actually low porosity hair does need moisture, read the science-y hair blog for more info on LP. I am LP, dense, fine, 2b hair and moisture is important because our hair doesn't absorb moisture well to begin with. (FYI - Thick and Fine are opposites, I am sure by thick you mean dense, which is the amount of hair strands you actually have on your head. Thick refers to the thickness of the strand itself, the same as fine does)

    My routine takes 5 minutes. Get in shower, wet hair, wash with Deva low-poo, condition with One Condition, add a pump of my Deva curl cream, then a good amount of my Deva ultra defining gel, scrunch upwards with it, making sure that all throughout this process my hair is sopping/dripping wet. Open shower door with head still bent over, grab my t-shirt, plop (I can plop while bent over, I don't need a flat surface), close shower door, finish showering with plopped hair. Then after I'm done and I've plopped for about 20-30 minutes, pull my t-shirt off my head, and leave my hair to air dry, taking care not to touch it. When completely dry, I scrunch the cast out, and I have curls that last me 2-3 days. I've even driven to work with my hair still plopped when I've been in a rush, and just pull the t-shirt off once I'm parked. It's fast and works well for me.
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    I have 2b hair and wash it every 2 or 3 days with a little shampoo and lots of conditioner. After the wash I finger it through and then either blow dry or air dry.

    And that's it. My waves/curls always stay put.

    If I want to go for curlier 2c look I round all the hair into a bun with a tight scrunchy while it's still damp and sleep on it over night. The next day or two my hair will look curlier than usual.
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