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Hi Everyone!

I am Astarte. I am new here and I've just started the CG Method.
For two decades of my life, I've been struggling to find out what to do with my hair to no avail. I always disliked the fact that I wasn't like most of my friends whose hair was sleek, straight and smooth. Straight hair in my country is considered to be a symbol of beauty and in the haze of the pressures of adolescence, I tried to fit into that mold. I've blow dried my hair bone straight and used flat irons not caring how it damaged my hair just as long as it becomes straight. But it never lasted for long and since my teens I straightened my hair repeatedly but the chemicals left my brittle and extremely damaged.

I steered offf of straighteners in my hair and tried to go natural but I hated the poofy mess that was my natural hair. I had to idea what to do with it so I tied it down never knowing what treasured tresses I had. I hated the frizz and how the humidity made my hair look like a mess even if I kept on combing it. (Which was actually a big mistake on my part: Combing dry hair with a fine tooth comb)

I was actually about to go back to straighteners, feeling that straight hair would be more convenient to have since I started law school because I wanted a simple wash and go style that would make me look presentable in class and not a poofy monster. It was when I was about to go to the salon, to have my hair straightened when I stumbled onto this site. In the course of two months, I've learned so much about caring for my hair and I've learned to love my curly hair. I am quite thankful to have learned from people on this site and want to keep on learning and exchanging ideas on hair care which is why I joined.

Looking forward to getting to know you all and to making friends,



  • curlysophiecurlysophie Registered Users Posts: 216 Curl Neophyte
    Hi there! Welcome to the forum! I loved reading your story :D
    :love2: Curly Teen :love2:
    CG since 5/2/14
    3A, low/medium porosity, medium texture/thickness
    ~SheaMoisture Shampoos
    ~Suave Essentials Conditioners
    ~Kinky Curly Knot Today
    ~L.A. Looks Sport Gel
  • dollydaggerdollydagger Registered Users Posts: 36
    im happy for you that you found this site just in the nick of time!!
    Im happy for all of us really.
    We all seem to have the same backstory of trying to fight against our hairs nature and resorting to damaging practices to straighten and tame it.
    I wish the internet and particularly curl talk were around decades ago! it wouldve saved me and particularly my hair a world of grief!
    better late than never..
    enjoy those curls :) :sunny:
    2 b/c Botticelli
    Fine-ish strands with fine-medium density and high porosity
    Co wash- like to change it up-currently rotating a few shea moisture ones (restorative, thickening, and noni) as well as giovannis tripple treat and smooth as silk.
    Favourite stylers- kinky curly curling custard, curl keeper
    Favourite deep conditioning mask- Shea mositure Yucca strengthening FTW! .. this ones great for noticeably improving elasticity
  • ReservechicReservechic Registered Users Posts: 798

    I am so glad that you decided to join us. And, thanks so much for taking the time to share your very own personal hair story with us. I totally wish you nothing but the very best with your curly journey, Astarte! :flower:
    Diagnosed with Scalp Eczema 6/2015
    (Don't hair type/loose curl pattern/fine texture/low density/high porosity

    Current Regimen (Ayurvedic Based):
    Cleansers- Bobeam Shampoo Bars
    Stylers-Rotate between Camille Rose Naturals Almond Jai Twisting Butter and Camille Rose Naturals Aloe Whipped Butter Gel

    I only wear my hair in wash n gos or buns. Also,
    I do not use conditioner on my hair on a weekly basis. And, my hair is A ok with that!
  • VgoneCurlyVgoneCurly Registered Users Posts: 4 Curl Neophyte
    Thx for sharing your story! I'm also very grateful for this site. Congrats on accepting the gorgeous hair you have!
    Texture: wavy on top, curly beneath (used to be straight!) 2c/3b combination. High porosity, very dense, very thick, below shoulder length.
    low poo: Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat
    Condition & Leave in: Giovanni Olive Oil & Avocado oil
    Gel: Giovanni LA natural hard hold
    I PLOP then Pinapple to sleep.

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