In Transition - Curly Roots & Straight Tips. Help

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Hi! I am about two weeks into transition. I got a haircut before I began my transition (2.5 inches). It was not a drastic cut, but we managed to remove the split ends.

Admittedly, I have a fair amount of damage. I straightened my hair (with a flat iron) a couple times a week for many years & I bleached my hair. I stopped bleaching about a year ago and haven't flat ironed my hair for two weeks.

I am seeing great curl formation at my roots, but my ends are different story. They will not hold a curl. I have tried both twisting my hair and scrunching it. I don't necessarily expect my ends to form a great curl, given the years of heat styling and bleach, but I don't want to have limp straight pieces of hair. What do y'all think? Should I just wait it out?

Any tips or advice?


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    You could maybe try heatless curl sets like rollers, curlformers, or flexirods, Bantu knots, braidouts, or banding to get a uniform looking curl or straightened hair all over as you grow your hair out. To try to encourage curl you may have success with applying protein to the straight parts?

    As far as waiting it out goes, it is really up to you. Depending on your curl type you may go from having hair with a fair amount of length to hair that seems waay too short. For instance, I transitioned from February to December before I chopped all my straight pieces out. My hair was shoulder length prior to this but after my chop my hair curled so much that I couldn't fit it into a ponytail anymore but it was too poofy to fit under a hat in the mornings when I walked my dog. My curls did look awesome even though I was in shock- I hadn't had my hair that short in a really long time and it took a long time to get used to.
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    One thing that I did while transitioning was to use flexirods. You set them overnight w/ a creamy hydrating product and your hair will look awesome and it should hold a curl. The cool part about flexirods is that the style is forgiving in terms of the roots. It does not matter if your roots are not as straight as the bottom of your hair.

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