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Hi there,
So from what I have gathered on these pages I have type 2B, with low to medium porosity(hair floats and finger glides up hair strand with no bumps), Medium to high density (when my hair is dry and natural you can only see scalp where it naturally parts), medium width( you can see it when held up to the light but its not very thick) and LONG, like 2 inches lower than my armpit. I would like to find a cleanser to use about once a week, a good co washing conditioner/ leave in and a few styling products. Right now the only way i achieve a decent look is by plopping with dream curls spray and a Redken waves product but my hair is never dry in the morning and the curIs always fall flat by around mid day. I was using sulfates before. I have tried Shea Moisture in hibiscus (bf could not tolerate the smell and it did weight down my hair slightly), and Shea Moisture in Tahitian Noni shampoo and had the same problem. I am hoping someone here can send me in the right direction. I need to be able to buy at Target, Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Sally's or Ulta bc I need to have my bf approve the smell as he has an extremely sensitive nose. I spend $28 a month right now in just shampoo and conditioner( doTERRA brand) and that budget has worked well. Is there anything out there that can help me get my curls back from this 11070005_949555451722807_2157461529997095004_n.jpg to this again543557_10100211456841094_1361188788_n.jpg


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    Ulta carries Devacurl. It isn't cheap but the smell is decent. I rotate No-Poo with Low-Poo, washing 2-3 times weekly. No-Poo stinks to me, but once it washes out it doesn't smell. The Low-Poo doesn't smell bad at all and it doesn't leave a scent as I follow it with One Condition. My hair doesn't have a strong smell after I use it.

    As a type 2 with low-med porosity you'll probably have to wash more than once a week with a cleanser or else you'll get build up. The No-Poo is a great co-wash because it cleanses the hair a bit better than an actual co-wash. Co-washing gives me buildup so the No-Poo has been the perfect alternative for my hair.

    Type 2s especially b and c with low porosity need gel, I use the Deva ultra defining gel (the light wasn't a strong enough hold for me in this climate), scrunch the crunch out, and have perfect curls for 2-3 days after with no maintenance on 2nd day hair. The Ultra defining gel has a clean light scent that usually goes away on day 2. I use a silk cap when I sleep to protect my curl structure though which is why I don't need a day 2 or 3 routine. Just take the cap off, gently shake my hair, and go.

    I hope this helps. Also, Shea Moisture African Black Soap has a natural smell that isn't that strong, maybe let him smell that one and try it. Warning - The shampoo is a CG friendly clarifier, so you could get away with using it once a week and co-washing with the conditioner from the same line.

    Good luck!

    PS - Also wanted to add, it will take a good month for your hair to "reset" after changing products. Deva will make your hair a bit oily at first until your scalp stops overproducing the sebum. Do not change it at this point - Give it a full month's attempt at any type of hair product/styling routine before you change again. The hair goes through a "failing at life" period which sucks, but it does get better.
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