Hello everyone! Im a 2A/B hair type and could use some advice. Pictures included.

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Hi there everyone,
I took the quiz and I am a type 2B sometimes A. I am unsure how to discover my density & porosity. My hair stylist says I have thin hair but a ton of it. I have recently had a hair change and I am trying to get my curls back. The first picture is recent and the second is what it was like about a year ago. I'm on the right in each picture. Both images have only water and hairspray. What is my best bet as far as products go? What exactly is co-washing? How do I start on the way to regain my curls?:wave: Attachment not found.11070005_949555451722807_2157461529997095004_n.jpg


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    Like hair spray hair spray? Look up "Curly girl Method" that will get you set up and going. Do you have hard water? That can also Build up and straighten your wave. SALLYS has a good hard water poo if so. Then you'd try the co-washing or low poo. Probably your stylist means you hair is fine and dense. Do you color? Do you use heat?
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    Hi; welcome to the forum! Glad to have ya here :) My hair is also wavy (2b/2c). Like chupie said, I suggest doing some reading about the curly girl method. You can grab the curly girl handbook by Lorraine Massey; it has tons of great info. Also, here's a blogpost I wrote explaining the CG method (it also explains co-washing): Carefree Curls: What is the curly girl method?

    Another post I suggest you read through is this one, it explains porosity, texture, & curl pattern: Carefree Curls: Hair Basics

    Feel free to explore my blog; there's a beginners info section on my blog that you can read through and gather more info. :)
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