Whats my hair type, how do I make my hair look the same when wet?

triggacurlztriggacurlz Registered Users Posts: 11
Hey whats my hair type, im east african with short hair looking to grow it long downwards if possible. I have curly hair and when its whet it curls up alot. But when its dry its still curly but not the same look. How long would my hair be for it to grow downwards?

The first pic is when my hair is dry at night.

Second pic is when my hair is damp

Third is dry,becomes a curly afro


  • busanthobusantho Registered Users Posts: 12
    Your hair seem like type 3 hair. It's important to know when your hair is wet, it's weighted down because of water. Once it's getting dry, it's losing moisture which creates frizz.

    You can try gels, using conditioners as leave in, or maybe mousse for more defined curls.
  • ninjuninju Registered Users Posts: 6
    same happens to me aswell

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