Help!my hair won't grow evenly

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I have no idea why my hair won't grow has always been like that even while I was relaxed.for a while after I went natural it was even all over but now it seems like only the back is's 12 inches at the back,10 inches in the middle and 9 inches in front.what can I do to make it grow more evenly?i was thinking of cutting it to the same length but I'm not sure that would help.... By the way pleaseeee can you tell me what's my hair type?i took the quiz here it says 4a but I thinks 4b but I'm not sure since it's always so shinny and people say 4b hair mostly doesn't look shinny


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    More pictures
  • pinkycurlypinkycurly Posts: 26Registered Users
    One last one,I don't know why I can't attach more than one picture at a time
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    I wouldn't hair type simply because it's not really helpful.
    I used to do that and my hair was never moisturized because I was believing what people said about hair that is considered type 4, when I didn't take my porosity and hair and strand thickness into consideration.

    The more tightly coily your hair is, the more of a sheen it will have in comparison to a shine when you have looser textures or straight hair.

    Back to your hair, I wouldn't worry about it, as long as it's not an extreme difference. My hair is like that too, but I had a taper cut.
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    I don't think that it is abnormal for hair to grow unevenly. I'm sure that many people have those areas that just don't grow as quickly as the others, and it's honestly not something to worry too much about.
    Fine Strands, High Density, (Seemingly) Normal Porosity

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