Should I or should I not do a protein treatment on low porosity/fine hair?

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Hello fellow curlies,

First off, I'm not a native English speaker so spelling/grammar lovers, be warned. Also, I'm sure my question has been addressed earlier but I'm quite new to all this and it's a bit overwhelming so I hope you'll bear with me.

I have a really hard time determining whether or not I should do a protein treatment.
On some websites/blogs it says that low po/fine hair doesn't need protein while on others it's definitely a good idea. I’ve also read many posts in here and I’m sorry to say I’m even more confused than when I started.

My hair is quite fine- in other words listless, flat, flyawayish and limp. And I have low porosity hair, as in really, really low porosity (when I did the glass test, I left my hair in the bowl overnight just to see what would happen, and the next morning it was still floating on top).

I also have a lot of frizz, not everywhere though, it tends to gather in the back a bit. And the whole concept of 2nd/3rd day hair is a mystery to me as mine goes flat and I lose both volume (however little I had) and curls. Particularly the roots and the front section of my hair is basically 2A the morning after I wash.

I've gone completely CG so no silicones/sls's, I wash with a sls free shampoo 2/week, condition in the shower, rinse with warm water, use leave-in conditioner while hair is still damp, seal with jojoba and use a curl activator.
I also oil-pre shampoo about once a week and deep condition every 2 weeks.

Granted I've just started 4-5 weeks ago so maybe I need to give it some more time but I really wonder if my hair is lacking protein and that might be the reason for the frizz and loss of curls/volume?

So, just to summarize: very low porosity, fine, medium density, flat/limp/frizzy, can not hold curls for long, 2A on top and 3a/3b in the rest, lose curls and volume quickly (overnight)

I appreciate any advice you might have, apologize if this has already been covered elsewhere and thank you in advance :love4:



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    Yes, your hair will do well with protein in conditioners used regularly. Maybe not a protein treatment, but use regular conditioners or leave-ins that have hydrolyzed protein in them and your hair will see a benefit. Start with that and if your hair needs more than that, you'll be able to tell and, if so you can use a reconstructor or rebuilding mask once every 2-4 weeks.

    Here is a useful resource that I refer to often. Good luck!
    Science-y Hair Blog: Moisturizing Low Porosity Hair
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    After that post I realized a lot. My hair is not fine. It has just became low porosity. I can't believe I would ever say that!
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