Hair type and frizz

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Hi there I have two questions and didn't want to waste a thread my hair is really frizzy any style I do is compromised by th e frizziness of it how do I get rid of the frizzy? Also trying to figure out my hair type


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    Do you cool water rinse? That helped a lot. The crown of my hair is prone to frizz and two small sections in the front, but rinsing with water as cool as I can take it minimizes it dramatically. My hair also likes product applied when it's wet, not damp or dry. And I don't touch it at all until it's completely dry.
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  • Rudy1021Rudy1021 Posts: 26Registered Users
    Yes I do cold water rises after every conditioning I've even started to put my leave in mix in the freezer for about 3 mins so that can be cold but still fizzy
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    I'm similiar to CurlySia as well in terms of what works for my hair. I also used to rinse with cold water but have been forgetful, it really helps. What is your porosity?

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    It helps if you give an idea of your styling regimen too. That being said, I'm the complete opposite of Bringingcurliesback and curlysia. I got no help at all from doing cold water rinses. It is important to know your porosity in that respect though as bringingcurliesback brought up, your density, and your hair texture. I think the reason it didn't work for me was because my hair is fine textured (small diameter hair strands) and has low porosity. So hanging on to water means less product is able to be absorbed. I ended up having the most frizz reduction with plopping straight out of the shower before applying product, using flaxseed gel (a film forming humectant), and adding protein treatments to my regimen.

    So then you would need to know how to tell this stuff about your hair. If you can easily see your scalp when you put parts in, you may have lower density. If they are hard to see probably high density. Then if you can easily see shed hairs you probably have coarse hair, hard to see/feels like spiderweb shed hairs probably have fine hair. Somewhere in the middle is medium texture, but you can have a mixture of them all over your head too.

    My rule of thumb is if it takes forever to dry, doesn't absorb product very well, even with lower density and not because you just have a lot of hair you probably have low porosity hair. If you have a ton of hair that seems to absorb product as soon as you put it on, then that would be high density, high porosity hair for example. This link has info on all of that- Texture Typing 101

    You may also be in need of a good clarifying shampoo- that can be a culprit too.
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    Ok I believe I have high porosity hair but it's been that way my whole life uh I have high density I still determining whether I have 4 a,b orC I'll let you guys be the judge and as for my regimen I pre poo with one n only argan oil hydration mask and EVOO then I shampoo with Shea moisture raw Shea butter retention shampoo (Brown bottle) followed by a DC from pantene truly natural deep conditioner. as a leave in I use a mix of EVOO water and ORS curls unleashed leave in and Shea moisture curling cream (the pink bottle) and that's pretty much it oh and I DC twice a week

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