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I have 22c hair .I really want 3a 3b hair .I was thinking of getting a perm but I am worried that since my hair is already2c it won't make a big difference and I would have put harsh chemicals on my hair for nothing .Has any 2c gotten a perm before?


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    I've been considering the same thing but am afraid it will ruin my hair. Following this thread for more info!
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    I probably lean more toward 2b than any other curl pattern with some 2c but not fully 2c.

    That said, I have had many perms and body waves throughout my life without problem. At the time of the perms, I did not realize how much natural curl I had because of all the brushing and combing I did and thought my hair was just unruly and difficult. My primary goal for the perm was to have wash n go hair that gave me nice uniformity. I loved them!

    The only reason I stopped getting them (3 yrs ago or so) was b/c I wanted to hide my grays more and decided to used henna--which apparently may hinder correct perm application.

    I am seriously considering going back to perming b/c I found out recently I may be reacting to the henna so have stopped using it and I believe my curl pattern is way too inconsistent and weak to go fully natural. Hmm...maybe the weaker curl (I need lots of hard hold gel for the most curl) is the reason I have success with perms??
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    Perming is not naturally curly, it's artificial, just like a keratin treatment, a flat iron, a curling wand, and hair dye. A good haircut that removes the triangle head shape and using a gentler cleanser to remove the fluff/frizz and a nice leave-in conditioner/styler to encourage the clumping factor is going to do way more for your curls than a perm ever will. Your hair looks more like 2b in your profile picture than 2c, but that could be a haircut issue combined with the wrong products. If I use a harsh shampoo, even a low-poo without sulfates that is still too harsh, my 2b/2c curls turn into a 2a failure.

    A perm is just that - it permanently breaks and changes the bonds in the hair to create a different shape, and trust me, it is not done without serious damage to the hair itself. I looked into getting a perm and my stylist, who is also naturally curly, told me I'd seriously regret it. She also told me I'd seriously regret cutting my hair all one length into a bob, and she was right about that too. Now I'm at the regrowing stage and battling the triangle head.

    You also cannot safely color hair after a perm. I know people who have waited a full month and still had clumps of their hair fall out. It's about as gross as it sounds. :thumbdown:

    If you want 3a or 3b do it with a curling wand. Heat styling with a protectant (probably silicone since it's cheap however not CG friendly) is going to be gentler on your curls than any perm ever will be. Especially on type 2 hair that tends to have a more fragile curl pattern already.

    I used to heat style all the time, thankfully with my low-porosity, healthy hair, I caused very little damage. But I learned to love my type 2 curls, and after a year, what was maybe 2b is now definitely 2b and maybe 2c.
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    I used to perm years ago in order to volumize my fine/flat hair that was then barely wavy.
    Pros: Much more volume, and body.
    consistent curl, wave.
    Cons: Damage, however as the years went by(and perms got better)
    I learned how to mitigate the damage quite a bit.
    I had the stylist use the largest rods with a gentle acid based perm
    and I only had it done once every 12-15 months based on the length of my hair. However my hair was still damaged somewhat.
    Then I started going grey and wanted to start coloring so I stopped
    perming as my stylist told me my fine/fragile hair would not take both processes. She did tell me that some hairtypes can, but not mine.
    I was in my mid 40's then and as I grew out my perms I was surprised to find out my hair has some natural wave on it's own, and then I found this sight to help me enhance it as much as possible.
    The other thing about perms that is damaging is that all the length of the hair must be eventually re-permed as opposed to just root touch ups with color, which is what makes it more damaging.
    But, on virgin hair perms MAY not be all that bad if good haircare products are used.
    I agree with Mei heat styling with heat protectant is probably the less damaging way to go. My stylist told me I could heat style with a curling wand once a week and it would be less damaging then a perm. But I usually air dry as I want to enhance my natural curls with the lease damage.
    I'm looking for more curl, body, volume, and shine-a miracle really.
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    It has seriously crossed my mind to try a perm again. I'd know how to take care of it even better now. *sigh* I'm a little tired of my wavy imposter status. I'd rather be a real curly imposter some days.
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    ^^yes one of the great things about perming for me was I had consistent curls without having to take time to use a curling iron or the inconsistent results of rag curls, bun curls, ect. I basically had wash and go hair. The big plus was the boost in volume for me. I'm the same as you with my knowledge of haircare now vs then I could make it look a lot better(last perm was in early 2001) still I'm concerned about damage.
    I did have some disasterous perms but I finally found a stylist who did a great job now moved away.
    I probably won't get one though unless I stop coloring, which I may do in a few years maybe sooner..
    I'm looking for more curl, body, volume, and shine-a miracle really.
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