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So a friend and I decided to go on a curl journey together and really take care of our hair. The only problem is that she has a 3c hair type and I'm 2b/2c depending on the day. So a lot of the products she uses are way to thick and rich for my hair. Most of it would just weigh my hair down and make it look awfully greasy. I can't stand my hair being greasy.

So a little about my hair: It's never been dyed (the color is from the sun & beach), it's really thin & not very porous. I have to brush it every once in a while in the shower with conditioner in ( i know it's bad for your roots but it will not comb otherwise and it gets nappy ). I use garnier fructis conditioner and deva curl shampoo. I'm afraid if I use both deva curl shampoo and conditioner it will lead to greasy hair (& those products are $$$). I dont use any leave in products because I'm afraid of greasy once again.

There are some times when my hair looks amazing. Like in my profile picture, but that was after my hair dried from a swim in a lake. But I just moved from Virginia to San Diego, California & it's a lot drier here. I've noticed that my hair is a little more frizzy here and hard to manage. It's more wavy than curly when it's usually more curly than wavy.

It's always straight towards the top but the inner layer that touches my neck region gets really coily when it's cared for correctly.

Can anyone make some product suggestions to get my hair back to a more curly style? I'm willing to try things out that aren't too expensive!

Thanks in advance :happy7:


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    I have pretty fine/thin hair, ranges from 2b-3a in places. Mine is color-treated though, so probably more porous than yours. When I used to straighten, it would get really greasy. I currently am using Deva Curl Low Poo and One Conditioner, but agree it is expensive. I may try the tresemme conditioners after I run out of Deva. I haven't found a low poo yet though that I like as much as Deva. So I'm hoping I can at least swap out one of the expensive ones for less.

    I used to like Yes to Cucumbers shampoo/conditioner for color-treated hair, it's less expensive than Deva, but eventually my hair started to feel dry and I don't really know why.

    Are you using a styler? Something like AG Re:Coil, KCCC, etc? I thought mine would be greasy, but surprisingly it wasn't. But again, I don't have low porosity. You should do a search on low-porosity products on here either on the forum or the articles on the site. There's a lot of good stuff.
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