Natural hair smoothing ?

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So I was doing some reading on how to remove frizz more or so because I've been pretty tired of having to always find something that will remove / reduce my frizzy hair. I almost come to conclusion my hair is what it is and I may need some extra help besides diys.
And I came across this company : Zerran RealLisse
Never heard it. But I am willing to look into if there are folks out there that have gotten it done. It seems to claim it reduces frizz and softens curls. I don't care so much about softening but taking care of the frizz.
Also, it claims to be vegan. Don't they all?!

Has anyone experienced this smoothing treatment that apparently lasts 2-4 months ?
Zerran RealLisse smoothing treatment.
3b/C with nicer curls on the bottom!
Hair: naturally very dry and VERY porous
hair seems to be moody.
Does not seem to like oils
Does not like protein or too much?
Does not like rich products

So, I ask myself. What does it like? That is the question, and I'm on a mission.

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