Top half of hair is really frizzy!

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My hair i would describe as a little 3b but mostly 3c and some 4a. Its pretty dense. The top layer of my hair doesn't like to do anything. I feel like it might be damaged bcus of the fact that i see little defined curls but its still very frizzy. So maybe protein treatment? Can someone help me? I use TGIN and Shea Moisture Products.


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    Beautiful hair!

    If I'm not careful, I get really bad canopy frizz as well (mine is damaged, though). What has helped me the best is to do as my stylist suggested and make sure that when it's wash day, I thoroughly *saturate* my hair in conditoner, *especially* the top, damaged parts. This has helped me to get really lovely curls even in my problem areas.

    I basically section my hair from the bottom and pin the rest at the top of my head with a clip, saturating each section with conditioner until it's nice and squishy before moving on to the next section. By the time I'm done my hair is really heavy. I pin it all up, do the rest of my shower things, then let it all down and rinse the excess. Then I turn off my water and move onto styling!
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    I just wanted to add to JunyJu, our canopy is the most exposed to the elements and "needs" the most but we often neglect it really. I would reccomend rinsing it out upside down because the hair at the nape of your neck is always soft due to the fact that sometimes there is more moisture retained there because we tend to wash product out of our hair right side up. By doing it upside down, you kind of do the opposite and allow your canopy to hopefully retain that moisture that would normally be "accidentally" left at the nape of your neck. Hopefully, that makes sense. I was also going to say that rinsing with a cold shot of water might be worth it as well-I'll admit that I'm actually quite lazy about that as of late lol.
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    Depending on how your hair likes oils, you could pre-treat with oil on dry hair and left in a plastic cap for some time before you wash.
    Leigh :)
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