Decrease Volume?

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Hey all,

It's been a while. Been really making progress with this hair stuff. I'll have been growing it for 3 years by this December, no hair cuts.

Something occurred to me, recently. I tried certain things, around when I was starting out, like braidouts and stuff. It didn't work out for me back then. Now, I've got some length. When stretched, my hair is down to my chest.

The way things went with me, is, for about the first 10 months, I just wore my hair, as is. Tried some of those techniques I mentioned, but didn't look good. Then, my hair started getting long enough for certain protective styles (ponytails, afro puffs and stuff). Around a year and a half in, I stopped wearing my hair down, completely. It began falling, as an afro.

Now that I realize my hair is long enough to try this stuff again, I want to try and go back to wearing my hair down, as well, but one thing is stopping me.

It's volume. There's too much of that, for my taste. Any things I can do to decrease this?

Here's a few pictures. I'm 3C/4A, but I'm noticing a little 3B lately.




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    Pretty hair. :) Do you use anything to style or a leave in? If I don't use any leave in, I can get some nice volume. I get less volume and more definition with my leave ins.
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