What's your favorite OGX conditioner?

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We recently got a membership to BJ's and Sam's Club. :toothy4:

Prior to becoming CG, I used Herbal Essences and OGX for my shampoo and conditioner. They seemed to give me the best results in terms of moisture.

One of the reasons why I stopped using the OGX was because 13oz wasn't enough for my hair! I really liked it and so did my hair... but I couldn't justify $7.99 for something that didn't last particularly long on my hair at all. With HE, I could easily score a huge bottle for relatively cheap hence why I used that instead. It wasn't until today that I realized that the Herbal Essences that I used was supposedly "sulfate free," and "silicone free." They really weren't, but in regards to most brands, it definitely had way less silicones.

However, BJ's and Sam's Club offers 24.5oz bottles for the same price as the 13oz bottles!! I also have a coupon for a discount on top of the prices, so I decided that my next conditioner will be OGX. I used to use the Argan Oil and the Cherry Blossom lines interchangeably together. The Argan was a lot more moisturizing to my hair... but I definitely favored the Cherry Blossom smell!

I'm curious if you have any that you love! I need a lot of slip and a lot of moisture... plus something that has an awesome smell! If you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear them!
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