Frizz mop hair, no help from CG! :(

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Hey Curlies!

I am at my wit's end!

6 months ago, I decided to go CG. I have fine, 3A (on top) and 3B underneath, that's a couple if inches past my shoulders. It's relatively healthy hair, too.

My hair is medium porosity and on the dry side. I have nothing but limp FRIZZ (especially on top)! Which is pretty much what I had before CG on I had (somewhat) more "definition". I have done it all, all the techniques and have a cabinet full of products that were a waste of $$$!

Anyone with this type of hair? What kind of products do you recommend ? Shampoo/Conditioner/Leave-in? I don't care if it's CG. I just want something that works!

Any input of advice would be appreciated!

Thank you so much!
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    Can you tell us a bit about your current products and techniques? Also, information on climate and water type (hard or soft) would help us with troubleshooting.
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    I live in the midwest. High humidity!

    I have used- Devacurl products (No Poo and One with Angel) which left my hair more dry and smelly scalp

    Suave Coconut as a co-wash and leave-in

    Ouidad leave in, Curl Keeper, Knot today, all in varying combos. I can't recall all the other products in my cabinet since I'm not at home (just the pricey ones)

    Water is most likely hard. :(
    3b-c hair, mid-back length
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    In high humidity, you might try staying clear of leaving anything in that is a potent humectant for a while (glycerin, propylene glycol, etc.) I'm also in the upper midwest and we are having some challenging weather right now to be sure.

    Try cleansers with EDTA in them for hard water. There are some threads around for hard water situations and it might be good to look them up to see what others are using.

    Try something humectant free for a bit (Aussie Instant Freeze or HE Set Me Up). AIF has been working well for me this summer with minimal frizz :)
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    I too cannot use DevaCurl or Quidad products. By the end of the day my head is a brillo pad! I believe it is because of the wheat protein in both products.

    Currently, I am loving the Cantu Natural products. I have used the Leave-in with the Gel and I have used the Curl Activator with the gel. My hair has really soaked up the product. The only issue is that I always refresh my hair next day with more product and I noticed some flaking. I tend to be heavy handed with product application and this was after 2-3 days.

    I also just tried the Crème of Nature Pudding Perfection and the Twisting Custard and got great results.

    My holy grail of 4 years was LA Looks Sports Gel and Nourish before they changed the formula.

    I have found being purely CG doesn't work on my hair. I felt like I was chasing a unicorn. So now I do not mind if products have dimethicone. This cone will wash out with a loo poo.

    The moral to this story is experiment with different products and don't put your self in a box with "CG" products. There are lots of people on these boards that consider themselves modified CG!

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