Need some hair is confusing!

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Hi all,
I have a TON of hair. It's very long,wavy/curly, on the fine side,and highlighted. Anyway, I went to my hairdresser a few weeks ago and she recommended that I get a conditioning treatment before my color service. She used the Paul Mitchell awapuhi keratin treatment and it made my hair very soft. In fact, for the first few days, it was so soft that my curls wouldn't hold. After about 3 days, my hair looked awesome and the curl was back once again.
That was done about a week prior to my highlighting. Once my highlights were done, she recommended a clear glaze (I looked it up and it contains soy protein) because she said it is very moisturizing and it acts as a top coat to the hair. So, I figured " sure why not" after all, I want to keep my hair as healthy as possible. Well, long story short, my hair looked like a damn Brillo pad. It was coarse, dry, and it just went completely flat. It felt like straw and I had to condition it every day to get it back to normal.
I never realized it before, but I must be sensitive to protein. So I guess my question is why did the initial protein tx ( Paul Mitchell) make my hair so soft while the glaze left it a tangled, angry mess? Thank you in advance! I look forward to reading responses.


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    Could have just been a little too much protein. That additional application took your hair overboard
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    Rimi wrote: »
    Could have just been a little too much protein. That additional application took your hair overboard

    This or your hair could have issues with the soy protein itself or another ingredient in the glaze. There are a few ingredients that can cause some hair to feel dry and straw-like, it's not just protein.
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    Thanks girls, I appreciate the feedback! I def think my hair is sensitive to protein now because I was looking through other products I have used in the past (Ouidad deep conditioning tx, Paul Mitchel rinse, ect) that contain it and my hair did not seem to like it, but the glaze was by far the worst that I have encountered. My hair normally takes forever to dry ( if I leave it in a wrap overnight it will still be really damp in the am), but when I have protein tx, it dries super fast and it goes limp. Not quite sure why protein would make it dry faster, but it does and I end up looking like a cave woman lol.

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