3c hair and shea moisture

Mayjewel97Mayjewel97 Registered Users Posts: 80 Curl Neophyte
So I've been using a few shea moisture products and i like them so far but what products do you think work best for maintaining healthy bouncy curls in this line???

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  • SandiSandi Registered Users Posts: 364 Curl Neophyte
    This may end up being the most unhelpful post ever but..

    My hair hates SheaMoisture. With the possible exception of the Moisture Retention shampoo. The stylers and conditioners do nothing for me. That and they make my hair feel like straw.

    Okay, I had to add a useful tidbit:

    Your hairtype (3c or whatever) is most definitely not going to determine whether you end up using the SM line, or whether it works for you. The most important things you should probably know about your hair specifically in regard to SM is a) your climate (they have a lot of glycerin styling products) and b) your hair's protein sensitivity. If you don't have fine or protein-tolerant hair, you may end up with straw.

    Oh yeah, almost forgot a non-hair related issue: Avoid SM if you are scent-sensitive. I am. The coconut styler gave me the worst migraine ever. The only line whose scent wasn't overwhelming powerful was the shea butter moisture retention line. Which you should obviously avoid if you hair doesn't like shea butter.
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    Everything Sandi said!

    Now, if after checking those things you find that the Shea Moisture like is okay for your hair, I'd suggest giving the Curl Enhancing Smoothie a try. Maybe I haven't looked hard enough, but I have yet to find many negative reviews from it. I also just recently got turned onto it because of one of my favorite YouTubers, and I love it.
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    Same here and so far the smoothie and the Jamaican black castor oil lotion have worked better than pretty much anything I've trued in the past and since I've started using them together with the coconut and antifrizz mousse and a little water my hair hasn't been dry like it usually is i think it may be the castor oil but I'm not sure just yet.

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  • NaturalsaraNaturalsara Registered Users Posts: 34
    I advise trying different SM lines. My hair hates the coconut hibiscus line but it loves the JBCO line
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