My 2 year old daughter!

mitnmaymitnmay Posts: 2Registered Users
Ok I've never had to deal with curly hair so I have no idea where to begin on my 2 year old daughters curly hair care routine. Can someone please help me figure out a good care routine for her? Her hair is pretty straight on top but curly at the bottom. It's also very fine and frizzy. Also, someone advised me against cutting it and said if I did her curls wouldn't come back. That's not true is it? Any & all help is appreciated!


  • SamanthaD2SamanthaD2 Posts: 22Registered Users
    Get the Curly Girl book by Lorraine Massey--lots of info in there :) Be gentle to her curls, only comb when you are washing/conditioning, start at bottom. Morning use a refresher-like water with lavender-book has a recipe. I use more natural/organic products on my kids.

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