Newly Natural (a few days) and Confused About Conditioner

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So, I literally just did my 'big chop' a few days ago. I am very new to having natural hair and knew very little (just knew that I wanted to make a change in my life and be true to myself). I have been searching the internet for days trying to figure out a hair care routine now that my hair is natural. Most of the websites that I have been to mention these 6 things as the main parts of a hair routine.





Deep Conditioning

Leave In Conditioning

And this is what confuses me. I understand the moisturizing part. I understand the cleaning / shampooing part, but the conditioning part confuses me.

When I wash my hair on wash day, am I supposed to use regular conditioner or deep conditioner? When am I supposed to use the leave in conditioner??? Do I need all 3 types of conditioner???

So far, the routine that I have come up with is to moisturize my hair daily, use a satin bonnet when I sleep, wear my hair in protective styles once it is a bit longer, and wash / condition / detangle my hair once every week.

I'm just very confused about conditioning.


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    Well, after shampooing (if you use shampoo), you will need to restore softness to your hair. That's when the conditioning starts. It all depends on you if you choose to deep condition your hair after that. Some will deep condition the hair after a light conditioning, which would include sitting under some type of heat for about 15-20 min with a deep conditioner in the hair that you buy from the store or make one at home (any cheap conditioner, olive oil, honey).
    Leave in conditioners are also optional. Some will apply a little before their styler but it's all trial and error.
    Deep conditioning is a good thing to practice maybe once a week (this kinda cancels out the light conditioner since this one is more thorough but depends on what you like).
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    Depending on how often you wash, you don't have to deep condition every time you wash. That's completely up to you. When your hair is really dry, deep condition. When it's not, just condition it the way you regularly do. Many people opt to deep condition every week or every other week.

    Leave in conditioners are meant to be used after you have washed your hair. You do not rinse them out. They do sell specially formulated leave in conditioners, but you can just use your regular conditioner as a leave in. Many people choose to do so.

    You do not have to purchase 3 different types of conditioners. Many people use the same conditioner to regularly condition and deep condition; they just leave it on for a bit longer and add some oils to it.
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    If it were me, I would try to avoid becoming a product junkie and keep it simple.

    I always thought that since people experience dryness with shampoo, why not use a moisturizing cleanser?
    To me, that's more effective and you wouldn't have to condition afterwards.

    Honestly, products are trial and error,and right now im trying to get rid of my products so I can go all natural and homemade with my haircare.

    Products like Shea moisture tend to not work since they contain proteins my hair doesn't like and on some of their products the ingredients they claim to have they don't, plus you don't know how much product is in the ingredients.

    I'm going to purchase an all natural shampoo bar from this woman with a youtube named 22nd century natural. Her hair routine is simple, she just uses her shampoo bar to wash and it's not stripping, then she braids her hair up with water, olive oil and Shea butter.
    Her children have the same regimen and their hair is down to their waist.
    She sometimes washes with vinegar diluted with water and does a clay wash once in a while.
    She doesn't deep condition often, unless she feels like it or if it's after heat use Such as flat ironing.

    I love her channel because she doesnt do a whole bunch of crazy things to her hair that could be too much manipulation and she focuses on all natural products that she makes.

    Also because she uses all natural stuff,she doesn't need to use a extremely stripping cleanser that could take away the natural oils on your hair. Like when you use grease, petroleum products, mineral oil, you will need those stripping shampoos because they aren't easily rinsed off with water.

    Of course it's also trial and error with natural things, but I think it's not as bad as buying $20 products that you may not be able to return back depending on where you get them.
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    It depends. I dc every week because I clarify my hair every week . I do follow my dc with a rinseout but only because I use a diy with food type ingredients that I want to make sure I get out. Leave in conditioners help maintane moisture and are left in hair after washing. For me they are not optional. I can use my leave in and my rinse out conditioner as the same poroducy..
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