How to achieve this hairstyle?

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I have really heavy hair. Its pretty long now. Down to the middle of my back. I'm really bored with the side ponytail I've been wearing in order to stay cool in these crazy high temps. I'm so envious of girls that can throw their hair up into a messy high updo that stays on top of their heads. Mine stays up there for maybe 5 seconds and then it slides down and eventually comes undone. I like the loose bun look because it hides my jagged hairline.

Is it even possible to get this hairstyle? How do you do it? What kind of elastic or fastener do you use?

Google 'high loose bun hairstyles' to see some examples of what I'm referring to.
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    I call this my "messy bun."

    I start by flipping my hair over and creating a high ponytail (a pineapple). I then pull it over instead of letting it be a ponytail. After the 'bun' is created, I use gel to shape up any flyaways and to gel my baby hairs down. If I want to make it look a little prettier, I'll put down my sideburns with gel (like Ashley Benson's) and put on a headband. Hopefully I explained this well enough. :cheese:
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    Those are really pretty! I'd recommend putting your hair in a pineapple bun (as the last person said), but instead of doing it with one hairband, use two, one for the pony and one for getting it into a bun. Or, while it's still in ponytail form (wrap the hairband tightly), stick a hair doughnut/sock bun thing around the pony and then wrap your hair around it (the doughnut) at random, pinning pieces under and being sure to cover the doughnut thing. Then gently pull a couple strands out around your ears. I hope that made sense...
  • CurlyFuryCurlyFury Registered Users Posts: 6
    Great suggestions. I'm going to try it out!
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    I can't wear my hair up in either a ponytail or a bun without reinforcement. The weight of my hair would just drag it down and pull on my hairline.

    I wear updos by using clips to anchor the hair in the bun or ponytail to my other hair. Sometimes with buns I can hide the clips under the actual bun. It is usually not very noticeable and it keeps my hair in place

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    I call them high bun hairstyles. Here is a video tutorial how to style them - . If you are interested in more bun hairstyles click here . Hope, it was helpful.

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