2c or 3A?

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I have always thought I was a 2C, but I have recently begun a Paleo diet, which I have been on for several months. My hair has gone back to what it was like as a teen. I took the quiz and I get 3A. I get large natural banana curls, which I love. What does everyone think on type? It's coarse and the attached pictures are of 2nd day hair with just some leave in conditioner and Shea Moisture jelly.
2C with sporadic 3A
Low Porosity


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    IMO that is 2b/c with maybe a couple of 3a spirals. But more solidly a 2. Nice side effect!
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    It looks like a 2C to me with a few 3A curls in there -- I think that's a normal thing for the curlier 2Cs. I noticed a lot of 'curly' 2Cs have 3A curls, but their hair as a whole is 2C.

    Your hair is so pretty! :)
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