Is this possible?!

MiraaklesMiraakles Registered Users Posts: 24
I've been doing well. I wash my hair using the right products, do the tee-shirt trick and I have lovely amazing curls... Well this time my hair went from 3b to a fluffy/wavy 3A??? There are just waves and like a curl here and there...

Only thing that's different would be, I wasn't inside my whole time for air dry. I went with my mom to target. And we had the windows down so there was window like blowing my hair. But there are like a lot of waves.. And the curls were literally there a second ago.

I'm kind of excited cause my hair is like full on wavy which is weird, still looks nice but I just.. My texture isn't messed up right?

EDIT: Actually I did do something different.. I forgot I put my moms Shea Moisture Masque on my hair dry just to see if there would be a difference.. And idk if that has anything to do with it. But it's kind of magical.


  • anonymous_150263anonymous_150263 Registered Users Posts: 773
    Do you have pictures? My hair can easily be 2B-2C when weighed down and not well clarified. After clarifying and good scrunching I get lots of 3a and some 3B. Just depends on products and routine.
  • MiraaklesMiraakles Registered Users Posts: 24
    Unfortunately I couldn't take a good picture. But it's puffed up a bit more, still wavy though. Just sorta caught me off guard.

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