Am I the only one that thinks 4C IS THE ONLY hair type...

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that looks drastically longer after it's stretched(or even blow dried)?
i was looking at vids to see the length of hair after blow dried, stretched, flat ironed etc. on youtube, and I noticed that when type 3s or even some type 4a's stretch their hair, the length isn't very different from what it was as curly.

Yet when I see a type 4b/4c stretch their hair it's so drastically different(usually much longer) than it was previously.

It's just amazing how much shrinkage this hair texture has. I wonder why women with loser curl patterns stretch their hair also(because it don't look that different), because honestly I know SOME natural type 4's do it for manageability(so they can manipulate their hair MORE), but other than that, what is the purpose?


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    I disagree. My hair has a Sybil personality. I'm mostly 4a and most of my shrinkage is dramatic. However around my ears my hair shrinks less although the curl pattern is the same. I say that to say Just because two people have the same curl pattern doesn't mean they get the same exact amount of shrinkage. Also in my hair I have an area that is more tangle prone than the rest. I could detangle every day and it would still tangle up. Stertching hair until it's at least semi dry helps reduce tangles. Also some looser 3 types on the forum have said they don't do wash and go as much because of bad tangles. I have even heard Mahoganny on yt say she gets fewer tangles with twist outs although she does a lot of w and g too. On the other hand there are 4's on here that only do wash and go. Also some looser types like stretched styles because they can make them last longer than wash and go. For me my hair is much looser in the nape and shrinks up like no one's business in the middle back creating a wonky shape if I wash and go. I used to cut the nape frequently and may do it again but stretched styling gives me a more uniform look . There are others with 3 curl patters who like more uniformity too.
    Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it. :wav:

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