July Hits Misses

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Hi curlies,

I don't know where you are but it is extremely hot and humid in July where I live so I've had to adjust mainly by cowashing more.

Miss -VO5 Champagne Kiss Moisturizing conditioner. I didn't hate it but I didn't find it as moisturizing as moisture milks.

Hit - VO5 Shea Cashmere Moisturizing Conditioner. My hair really really seems to like this stuff despite the hydrolyzed keratin in it. I have used it a few times to make sure it's a hit. It seems to work best after a shampoo when my hair has no product. The moisture seems to bounce right back.

Still up in the Air - Oatmeal (avena) gel. I posted a link to a video in Say It on how make oatmeal gel. I tried it last night only I didn't use drinking or distilled water like the instructions said because I don't have issues with my tap water and I used a different oil. I must say I find this gel extremely moisturizing. My hair has nice shine. However, I don't think it has the hold that I need right now with this humidity. I'm leaving my hair in twist for the weekend. I will see how it does for twist out later. But I will probably go back to oatmeal gel once the Fall gets here.
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    Miss - So I stopped using that Nene's Secret grease I was talking about in May's Hit & Miss...

    Hit - Having my hair in marley twists since June. Doing LOC daily with water, grapeseed oil and sm smoothie or retention conditioner. The other hit is learning to be patient with myself and learning things... because I did the twists myself in 5 hours. In my part of the Earth, girls are paying $200+ for kinky twists and marley twists. :sad1: My hair would never be done!
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    Miss: Big & Sexy Anti-Humidity hairspray. This actually fell out of my hair on a humid day. Also, Purpose Cleanser that's supposed to have the same Ph as water. Bothered my skin.
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    Robert Craig Daily Conditioner

    Misses: Mop Top's Light Conditioner. I'll save this for winter. My hair hasn't been hating shea butter lately.
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