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Thought you guys would enjoy this.


Open your eyes
Don’t you notice, that it’s still there
It’s just sugarcoated

Took off the mask
Put the noose up
Now a badge gets the job done
Shackles off
So we should fly
But told how high
What a damn lie
You should be so cautious
ur luxury car makes u a target
I promise that I’d never ever lie to you
To see the truth, u gon’ have to…


Red white blue
tell me wats it done for u
while u sitting round waving flags in allegiance looking like a fool
they say these colors don’t run
but if u got a lil color then u better run
before they think u got a gun
make one wrong move and boy its done
they playing target practice
tension thick as damn molasses
u’ll get chopped and screwed
if u ain’t saying oh yes massa
i aint gonna beat round the bush
gonna trim the sh*t down
trim the sh*t down
ladies get down
fellas get down
but don’t stay down
move that shi*t around cmon


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