did a big chop (kinda)

LeleyLeley Posts: 41Registered Users
Hey fellow curlies!
Well yesterday I got a major haircut
My hair was about breast length its now coller bone length
I've noticed my hair feels alot more bounce. Its got alittle more wavy but still not my proper curls that I used to have. I was just wondering where do I go from here. I put some moose through my hair this am and scrunched abit. I'm staying away from heat including blow drying as its heat damage I have. Surely I've taken a big step in the right direction.
Thanks L x


  • Cristy_amkCristy_amk Posts: 171Registered Users
    Good for you! I just cut two inches off and love the feel of my hair. I'm still getting used to the styling. I noticed a lot of spring to my hair. I also got the dry ends off so I no longer have those tangles to work through. I'm just struggling with my bangs (as I always do!). I love to have a bang in my hair but sometimes grab a little too much hair and end up with a "hank" of hair rather than a soft sweep of hair over my forehead. I'm also trying to get away from a sideswept (love the look but it's so hard to maintain in humid weather unless I flat iron AND I like to exercise and it ends up wet from sweat). Good luck on your new luck, look forward to seeing some pics!