How long can you go without washing hair?

Im trying the CG method.
My hair is pretty dry, and I don't want to wash/condition my hair too often, but second day hair doesn't really work on me. How long before my hair 'adjusts'? And how long should I aim to go between cleansing?


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    Not everyone can do second day hair. There are lots of ladies here who will at least re-wet and condition daily. When I'm at my normal activity level (recovering from back surgery now), my roots get too gross from sweat to not cleanse daily. I just use the most gentle cleanser I can get away with, which is usually a cleansing conditioner like Deva No-Poo or Curl Junkie Daily Fix.
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    3 days term was my maximum
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    If I have my hair in a pony or braid I can go days and days without washing it. My hair doesn't get greasy or gross.
    But if I want to wear it down I need to wash or wet it every day.
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    If I want to wear it down I have to wash everyday or every other day. If I'm wearing it up, I can go 2-3 days; my scalp gets mad itchy & starts to smell bad after that.

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    I have to either re wet my hair or do the super soaker method on day 2. Even spritzing isn't very helpful for me - it makes my hair frizzy.:cry:
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    I never go past 10 days regardless of style. I do GHE/Baggy method so its the only reason I can go that long. Modified CG, so without first two, I go 2-3days. It's hot here and I sweat daily, I literally just look at my hair and tell me what it needs. Drinking and moisturizing with water is a big part of any regimen to balance healthy hair.
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    It will definitely depend on your hair how long you can go in between washing. If my scalp is feeling nasty, I'll wash. If it's just that my style doesn't look good, I'll style it in another way until it needs to be washed. Some of my most random dirty-hair styles have gotten the most compliments.

    The longest I can go without washing my hair is a month. Don't judge. Week 1-twists, week 2-twists updo, week 3-twistout, week 4-twistout updo. I usually wash my hair every 7 days when I wear a wash and go. I don't break the gel cast but instead let it soften. It's usually off by day 3 and my hair is pretty set for the rest of the week.


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  • CatitudeBooCatitudeBoo Registered Users Posts: 590 Curl Connoisseur
    4 days typically. 5 days maximum. At the 5-day point, my hair isn't greasy or gross. It just loses its definition and starts looking frizzy/fluffy.
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  • naturecatnaturecat Registered Users Posts: 1,986 Curl Neophyte
    Kayla, that's awesome that you can go that long! It's a time saver and if I ever had kids that would probably be the most I could get away with washing mine. The longest I can get away with is 5 days, and every now and then a week. But it looks the best the first 3 days if I am lucky. Since I have short pieces that squish when I sleep I also often cheat and pin curl them on 2nd+ day hair because I don't have time to rewet and hand diffuse each clump.

    CatitudeBoo, I have the same situation. My hair gets dry and loses definition and the curls just don't look as nice anymore.

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    The average ammt of days that I can go between washing is 4-5 days, but I normally do it every 2-3 . If I go any longer than 5 days though, my scalp and hair feel SO greasy and I know my head probably smells gross, plus it itches a lot when I wait that long.

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    3 days. If not my hair is dry and my scalp is unhappy. Even when I was relaxed I washed twice a week. It sucked trying to keep hair straight when you need to wash a lot.
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  • maryware77maryware77 Registered Users Posts: 45 Curl Neophyte
    Im trying the CG method.
    My hair is pretty dry, and I don't want to wash/condition my hair too often, but second day hair doesn't really work on me. How long before my hair 'adjusts'? And how long should I aim to go between cleansing?
    It really depends on the hair type like if your hair type is oily then you must wash your hair every 2nd day and if your hair are dry then you can wash them between 3-5 days. But for dry hair type sometimes you need to put on hair conditioner or serum to give them a smooth and shiny look.
  • SarahDunlopSarahDunlop Registered Users Posts: 2
    A gap of minimum 4 days is required and an ideal one too!

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