Hair just won't straighten anymore. please help :(

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I use to always straighten my hair, and yes, it would get wavy by the end of the day, but it would still look shiny and thick. I straightened it so much so that I didn't know I had curly hair until my senior year of high school. It was then that I started to go naturally curly, giving up silicones and sulfates. I still blew dry my hair though. Had to.
Six years later I am now recently back to using silicones because I realized I need them for thermal protection when Blow drying. I think going without silicones has done more damage to my hair then using them did. Now my hair, when straightened, is so thin and straw like. I don't know what's happened. I know your body changes every 7 years... it could be that. ButIn the last year I started weightlifting and have changed my diet, including getting a lot of protein and healthy fats. My old diet plan was just to eat very little. I will say I haven't gotten my hair professionally cut in several years. I just trim it myself every six weeks.
So what gives? Can anyone recommend a straightening product for baby fine 3a protein craving hair that won't make it greasy, but will keep it straight all day? Goldwell makes a waxy balm that I like, but no product seems to work on my dry ends. I probably just need to get several inches cut off unfortunately.

I'm posting this by mobile right now. I'll try to post a pic later tonight if I can get on my computer.
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    It sounds like your hair is damaged. I would avoid heat, try putting your hair up in a bun, or rollers to smooth it out. Use coconut or olive or castor oil and let it sit in your hair overnight (put an old towel on your pillow) and shampoo and condition in the morning. This will help with hair growth. I had this happen once after using a flat iron that was too hot, my hair felt like straw and was very dry.
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    The overnight suggestion is a very good one. I've done that when my hair felt like straw. Good luck - I hope it works for you!
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    Hi CurlyCowgirly!
    Well I guess it is time to go for some natural remedies. As sloka mentioned make use of oils, I would like to add some more oils into it like almond, argon, nigella, mustard. You can also mix these oils together and apply on your scalp and hair and leave it in their overnight. Next morning wash your hair with SLS, Sodium Chloride and Paraben free shampoo and conditioner. As such products will get your hair back to its natural state. Hopefully it will help you out in the best manner.
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    Yeah it is happened to most of the people that their hair not straighten as they are looking for.. my cousin have also the same issue..

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