product help!!!

Hey ppl,
I am new to this community and need help as i am still discovering to love my hair and there is indeed too much information here ...i have wavy hair which is really dry and limp.Infact my hair is so thin that u can see my scalp...i want lovely locks with full hair.At times i do follow CG hair care but it weigh down my hair and i start feeling i end up wash my hair again.At the moment i oil my hair with jojoba oil with blend of essential oil like lavender,cedarwood,rosemary once a week then wash and condition with mild shampoo....still no much off a help.Looked around this site jessicurl looks good...any advice....I stay in Hong kong


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    what brand of products are in Hong Kong and what type of curly are you?
    I am a 3c reformed product junkie thanks to the economy.

    I lurk a lot, I change my hair color a lot. It's currently black and bsl when wet and beyond my shoulders still when dry.

    Now I will stop procrastinating and get back to what I was supposed to be doing before I got on here.

    Any questions?