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Hi everybody, just wanted to introduce myself. I tried CG for maybe six months and was happy with how my curls were looking, but eventually gave in and started straightening again ... I got lots of compliments so kept doing it, and now here I am back on the curly bandwagon because my hair was looking damaged. Also it's summer and I cannot bare to put all those heating tools near my head in the heat when the humidity will just poof it up anyway.

So I'm trying this again. I have fine, thin 2c/3a hair. I think it's medium porosity. It's also color treated. I experimented with co washing before, but it was too heavy for my hair even with lighter conditioners so I am using deva curl low poo, one conditioner, kccc, and la looks gel. I used yes to cucumbers before but it dried my hair out for some reason.

Anyway open to any suggestions and have been poking around reading, so figured I'd register
2B,2C with some 3A curls
Fine, Thin
Medium porosity


  • TheWave2BeeTheWave2Bee Registered Users Posts: 3
    Hello WavyCurly:wave: . Notice I didn't say m.e.s.s.. That's such a naughty word HaHa.

    One of the nice things I learned alone the way with Lorraine Massey's "Curly Girl" protocol, it's very flexible and easy to try at different times in our lives. Hope to see you around, as I'm just starting back with CG, too.

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