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I've been co-washing for several months now with Naturally Silk Elements cowash and haven't had the best results. It's not horrible, but I definitely used to get really nice 3A ringlets in the front of my mostly 2C hair, and they've been MIA for a long time. I did my first protein treatment recently, (Spiral Solutions *sniffle*) and it definitely helped some. I sometimes us Yes to Cucumbers Total Shine shampoo, but I find it somewhat drying. For my RO, I've been using Proclaim Olive Oil condish, but it doesn't have nearly enough slip and detangling is always a mess, with TONS of hair coming out.

So that's kinda where I'm at. Any recommendations for a good shampoo and/or conditioner? Preferably something cheap and available at Sally's or Walmart/Target. I'm very broke.

Also, can someone explain what a clarifying shampoo is and what it's for? How is it different from a regular or sulfate-free shampoo?

Sorry for the novel, thanks for reading!


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    Cowashing has always caused me to shed tons of hair, so I stopped doing it. I've had much better luck with Shea Moisture shampoos, which you can get at a drugstore. They're good at cleaning and very moisturizing. A lot of people like the Moisture Retention Shampoo and I'm trying out the Superfruit Complex Shampoo and it's great so far. For conditioner, you can't go wrong with Tresemme (naturals or perfectly undone are CG approved). It's cheap, has good slip, and you get a ton of product. If anything, it's a good base for any deep treatments you might want to make yourself so it's good to have around if your hair doesn't hate it. Shea Moisture does have conditioners, but I never liked them much. Tresemme has much better slip for my head of hair.

    Clarifying shampoos, as far as I know, have harsher detergents that remove everything that could be built up on the hair. When you're CG, it's totally possible to use a regular shampoo to "clarify" so to speak. I would use Suave Naturals shampoo if I felt like I need a deep clean to reset my hair. It's filled with sulfates, but doesn't contain any ingredients that would build up. Some shampoos contain silicones so I wouldn't use those to clarify! Some clarifying shampoos may contain ingredients that also remove minerals from having hard water.

    To make matters more confusing, there are also sulfate free clarifying shampoos. I've never had experience with those as I'm perfectly happy with my $1.50 Suave Clarifying Shampoo.

    Hope this helps!

    (Sorry for responding with a novel of my own :p)
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